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Part of: Rape culture and consent

"They didn't mean to do it"

Myth: Rape is a crime of passion.

Busted: Research and evidence from rapists themselves suggests that most rapes are premeditated and planned, and interviews with them reveal that they rape to feel powerful and in control, not for sexual pleasure. There is also no ‘typical victim’ or rape - everyone can be a victim.

Myth: Checking consent kills the mood.

Busted: If all parties are confident about engaging in sexual activity, consent can be clearly and easily communicated to each other. This means that everyone can enjoy the encounter knowing that they are all comfortable.

Myth: Men have a high sex drive so he would have wanted to have sex anyway. Once a man is sexually aroused he can’t help himself; he has to have sex.

Busted: Men can control their urges to have sex just as women can. No-one needs to rape someone for sexual satisfaction and any other reasons they argue they should. Rape is an act of violence and control. It cannot be explained away and there are no excuses.