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Part of: Rape culture and consent

"Rape is a trivial event"

Myth: Rape and sexual violence happens out of sexual desire.

Busted: The idea of Sexual assault is often a sexualized thing in society. But while most people have sexual desires, not everyone commits sexual assault.

  • Most rapists have available sexual relationships.

  • of sexual assault often plan their crimes

Myth: If you are in a relationship with someone, it’s always OK to have sex with them.

Busted: Everyone has the right to say ‘no’ to any type of sexual activity at any time - including with their partner. Consent must be given and received freely every time.

Myth: If two people have had sex with each other before, it’s always OK to have sex again.

Busted: If a person is in a relationship or had sexual contact with someone before, this does not mean they cannot be sexually assaulted or raped by that person. Consent must be given and received every time two people engage in sexual activity. This is true whether you’re in a new relationship, a long-standing relationship and whether you are married or not.

Myth: Some rapes aren’t ‘serious’ rapes

Busted: All rapes are serious; some rapes and sexual assaults are compounded by other crimes, such as further violence, kidnapping or abuse, which will add to the survivor’s trauma. Acquaintance rape survivors may feel particularly vulnerable, since they have found that even people they trusted may hurt them. They may often have to face their assailants after the rapes, causing additional distress, fear and humiliation. They also tend to view themselves more negatively, and suffer more serious psychological problems than other victims.